How It Works

Eventride connects you to the nearest fan who is also going to the game so you can save money and save the environment.

Choose the event you're going to.

We'll match you up with a driver/passenger for the event with a return trip home included!

Get to the game or concert cheaper and greener—and have fun!

How To Use It

Eventride connects you to the nearest fan who is also going to the game so you can save money and save the environment.

Choose Game

When you open the app you'll see the games in your area first

Set Price

Set your price and profile

Approve Price

Agree to the Driver's price and profile


Monitor your driver's progress on their way to pick you up


Eventride gives each fan a new way to get to the game.


By sharing rides you can help your team earn important Carbon Credits and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions!

Save Money

EventRide is one of the least expensive ways to get to the game


Games are presented in a simple way allowing for quick booking


With Facebook credentials and the Fan Community, your ride will be fun and safe

How Are We Different?

Eventride gives you the most efficient inexpensive way to the big event by hooking you up with a fellow fan who lives as close to you as possible. By sharing the expenses of the trip with this fellow fan, your costs will only be a fraction of what other services and their corporate drivers might charge. Eventride is true ride-share and helps take cars off the road.

Save The Environment

By sharing rides to the game, fans can help diminish the carbon footprint of their city. Each car taken off the road goes towards carbon offsets which will be credited to your team or city.

Environmental Partnerships

We can help your team or event create carbon offsets from the rides that your fans share.


Eventride can track the carbon-offsets for every trip a fan takes, and these Carbon Credits can be allocated to the team and their fan community who earned them

New Transportation

Fans will now have a new, convenient and safe way to get to the game, while saving money in the process


Eventride has partnered with Carbonzero to help manage the Carbon Offset project born from the fan's ride-sharing

Become A Partner

If you are a sports team or event organizer at any level, you should learn more about creating a Carbon Offset program in conjunction with your fans usage of Eventride. Please contact our GREEN PARTNERS PROGRAM by sending a note to and we will get you started today.

Partner Up


Please send all media enquiries to, our executive team will be glad to discuss the exciting new platform of event based ride share.