Who will I be matched up with for a Ride?

Eventride is the only car-pool product that exclusively uses Facebook credentials as your login. This gives you the option of only taking Rides from people you share friends with.

How much does it cost?

Eventride lets Drivers set the price, however they usually set a very low rate and they can even offer free rides. The ride also includes the return trip, making Eventride a real bargain.

Is it legal to use Eventride?

Yes, eventride is simply high tech carpooling. Carpooling is encouraged in every city in North America. Carpooling helps reduce Green-house-gas emissions and is legal.

Will I be insured if I offer a ride on Eventride?

Carpooling is encouraged in every jurisdiction in North America, and insurers usually allow for it. Eventride users are simply sharing expenses for their trip to the event, and are not earning an income. Please check with your insurance company for more details, and any differences in your jurisdiction.

Is Eventride safe?

Yes, we require every user to login with their Facebook account validating whom they are in the community. They may also share friends with you which further serves as a significant validator on their credibility.  Eventride also requires every user to enter a credit and mobile phone number which further validates who they are.

How is a carbon offset earned?

Unlike other rideshare products, Eventride is exclusively a fan driven system so there is always a second car that is left at home. The distance from the Rider’s pickup point to the venue is used as the basis of calculating the carbon offset.

When is my location tracked?

Your location is only tracked during the ride and only by your matched Eventride user.

How does the return trip work?

After the game is over, both Rider and Driver meet up at the parking spot then return home. It is important to discuss the return trip while driving to the game.

How does the payment work?

The Rider enters their credit card into Eventride and they are charged at the conclusion of a successful ride. After the Ride is complete that money will be transferred to the Driver’s account.

How does the Stripe Account work?

There are three ways to get started as a Driver:

First, you can create a “quick-start” stripe account using just your email associated with your Facebook account (you will need to complete the full Stripe registration within 1 week).

Second, you can add your existing Stripe account (just log in with your Stripe credentials).

Or Third, you can create a new complete Stripe Account (you will need to supply your banking information so we can deposit your monies that are owed to you.  Since this is for personal use, you do not need to enter a business number)

Why is Facebook the only way to log in to Eventride?

We require all users to login with their Facebook account so that Eventride users can have the most confidence that the people they are matched with for rides are who they say they are.

Why can’t I find the Event I want in Eventride?

It is possible that the Event you are interested in has not met our criteria for a high popularity rating.  By tapping the top section of the Event feed you can expand the Events shown to “All” this should show you the Event you are looking for.